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Wealth Management

Wealth Management

With high touch, customized service delivered to each select client, we aim to provide advisement to individuals, families, and businesses, with the goal of developing a personalized strategy to grow and preserve a legacy of wealth over the long-term.

Our decades-long, proven track record of collective experience managing client assets, both non-discretionary and discretionary portfolios, allows our team of professionals to deliver a wide array of investment opportunities to our elite clients. As a stand-alone entity and with no connection to one single bank or bank product, we deliver added value by offering access to a wide range of private banks and industries and connections to financial service professionals in all specialties.

Oak Equity Fund

The Oak Equity Fund seeks to achieve stable long-term capital appreciation through investments in primarily quoted shares and options, with ability to also invest in warrants, rights issues, preference shares, notes, convertible instruments and derivatives to assist small and medium capitalization, publicly listed companies with longer-term funding.

Objectives and Strategy:

  • Invests in quoted and convertible options
  • Utilizes regional network resources to assist companies in raising capital via equities
  • A focus on three main continental regions - Europe, Asia and North America
  • Small to mid-cap investments ranging from €10M - €20M Euros per investment (average estimate)
  • Core and equity options are the focus, funded in segments over a term
  • Discounts on drawdown and conversions into new shares, minimizes risk
  • Various placement shares options - investments and listed convertible equities when and where attractive discount alternatives are available
  • Mimimim investment in to the Oak Equity Fund is €5M Euros.

Oak Credit Fund

The Oak Credit Fund seeks to achieve short to medium-term capital return on investments through the acquisition of primarily quoted shares and options.

Objectives and Strategy:

  • Providing short-term loans secured against assets
  • Analytics focused funding based on stringent, research fundamentals to assure growth
  • Diversified allocation across a wide array of investment strategies offers robust and discretionary options amid all market conditions
  • Open to all business sizes, with a micro-focus on small to mid-cap space
  • Lending against inter alia, listed shares, property, and land assets. All loans based on stringent system of analysis to lower risk
  • Oak Credit strives for repayment through the Oak Equity Fund to minimize risk
  • A synergistic investment strategy adds exceptional value to the business both strategically and throughout the capital structure
  • Minimum investment in to the Oak Credit Fund is €10M Euros

Oak Private Equity Fund

The Oak Private Equity Fund provides medium to long term funding to companies looking for public listing. OPF seeks to achieve medium to long term capital return on investment through acquiring holdings in private companies with the potential to be listed on any public stock exchange. In some cases, OPF may invest in management buy-outs and/or leverage buy-outs.

Objectives and Strategy:

  • The Oak Private Fund seeks to invest in Pre-IPO/RTO companies seeking capital appreciation
  • A concerted focus is placed on pre-initial public offerings and pre-reverse takeovers with a certain level of assurance in the business and the takeover structure (to minimize risk where possible)
  • Typical investment term ranges from 6 months to 24 months; longer-term investment strategies options exist based on the potential outlook of a company
  • A synergistic investment strategy that delivers added value to the business both in growth and throughout the capital structure of a loan, amid various market conditions
  • Strong networks and connections offered added, exclusive opportunities to our clients
  • Minimum investment in to the Oak Private Equity Fund is €25M Euros

Onyx Preferred Fund

A Singapore Domiciled Open Ended Fund which allows investors the opportunity to invest in a Preferred Share Class that offers a stable absolute return (8% p.a.), virtually immune from financial market volatility, and with monthly profit distribution.


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